Staff Information


Head Teacher


Mr Andrew Boulind


Nursery Miss Patricia Davies         Early Years Senior Practitioner

Mrs Sonia Will                   Early Years Lead Practitioner

Mrs Dianne Buchan         Early Years Practitioner and Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs Karen Enderle           Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Jill Gibson                   Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Nikki Little                  Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Sheila Watt                 Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Mandy Shepherd       Assistant Early Years Practitioner


Primary 1/2 Mrs Heather Reid / Mrs Stephanie Strachan
Primary 3/4 Miss Fiona Thomson
Primary 4/5 Miss Naomi Clark
Primary 5/6 Mrs Morag Buwert / Mrs Alana Willox
Primary 7


Mrs Nikki McLauchlan




Mrs Jill Deans / Mrs Laura Strong


Pupil Support Assistants (PSA) Mrs Amanda Baxter

Mrs Angela Crighton

Mrs Julie Milne

Ms Heather Thomson




Mrs Wendy McCallum

Kitchen Staff  

Mrs Loreena Price – Catering Supervisor

Ms Karin Pirie

Mrs Gwyneth Stephen


Janitor Mr James Simpson
Cleaning Staff  

Mrs Gwyneth Stephen

Miss Hope Furnival-Craick


Visiting Specialists  

We have a variety of visiting specialists in school this year.

They include:

Mr Robbie Sinclair – P.E

Mrs Kirsty Potts-Vialettes – Drama

Ms Denise O’Sullivan Lynch – Modern Languages